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First edition 18-23 May 2021 | Second edition 6 -12 December 2021 | Third edition 5-11 December 2022

Project promoted by Roma Culture, winner of the Public Notice Contemporaneamente Roma 2020 - 2021 - 2022, managed by the Department of Cultural Activities and in collaboration with SIAE

The initiative | Main elements of the proposal in the three-years period 2020-2022

#InTransito - creative experiences is an experimental, interactive and participatory project, which involves the use of different creative languages (digital, analogue and live) on the travel experience, in its many dimensions and possibilities, with activities that involve, young people (under 35) and children (6-12 years) as active participants and primary target.

The location of the project is the Tiburtina Rail Station in Rome.

The first edition of #InTransito took place in Trenitalia's former Freccia hall (second floor of the shopping centre). The main theme was the city of Rome.

In the second edition the focus will be on Italy and Europe, while the third edition will be dedicated to the Earth.

Travelers as co-creators

#InTransito - creative experiences aims to stimulate citizens and travelers to become co-creators of the project and its contents, so that their subjective and collective experience of spaces and places becomes intelligible, enhancing the relational aspects and the multiple processes of signification of actions in space, observable in "in transit" practices: the “crossing” as a configuration of encounters and the encounter as a configuration of crossings. In this way the rail station becomes a place of creation and experimentation: a place of meeting, transit, stop, creation, sharing, revision, witness of a complex and increasingly interconnected humanity.

The project involves in its network of creative process professionals with skills in the creative disciplines of the visual arts and body languages (dance, mime, etc.), but also the new digital and interactive technologies.
A space is reserved for workshops and creative activities with children.


Cultural growth and socio-environmental sustainability

#InTransito aims to stimulate the creativity and relational skills of young and children who, most of all, have suffered the adaptation of our daily lives to the consequences due to the Covid19 emergency.
As a further objective the project intends to activate a process of generative impact on the Tiburtina Rail Station, transforming it from a "non-place" of mere fast and distracted transit, into a place where people can enjoy cultural and creative content, possibly in a permanent perspective.

The Tiburtina Rail Station as a place to design social innovation (our vision and goal)

The #InTransito project is an opportunity for us to experiment and co-create inside the Tiburtina Rail Station activities in collaboration with creative young people and with the territory of the 4th Municipality. The so-called "bubbles" are in fact very interesting spaces still partially used and which, in our opinion, should host not only commercial activities, but become the permanent home of a Community Center or Cultural Hot Spot in which to host creative activities together with those of the green economy, in a hermeneutic and transidisciplinary modality, integrated in a sustainable vision of urban regeneration.

This potential "Rome Community center" would transform the Tiburtina Rail Station not only into a transit place for distracted and hurry travelers and commuters, but also in a place for re-generation and enjoyment of creative activities, even more if in inclusive and sustainable terms, through a social innovation project participated by the local community, business companies and civil society organizations.

Results of the first edition

The total attendance of the first edition (May 2021) was 1402 people for: live performances/improvisations, exhibits, interactions and installations, children workshops.

Among the audience who attended the event we mention also an architect from the ABDR Architetti Associati Studio of the architect Paolo Desideri (designer of theTiburtina Station). He congratulated M.Th.I. for the idea of brining cultural activities inside the spaces of the Tiburtina Rail Station.

The partners of the first edition

#InTransito is the result of a creative synergistic work, started in 2019, in which are engaged different artistic resources of M.Th.I., a not-for-profit organization which operates since 2000 at national and international level.
The first edition of the project, funded by Roma Culture, was sponsored by the Comitato Roma 150. Media partner Roma Mobilità, izi.Travel, Invasioni Digitali. Partner Movie Logic, Creare e Comunicare, TCI Club di Territorio of Rome, Bycam Photography by Teresa Mancini.

We thanks Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Rome Tiburtina - Grandi Stazioni Retail, Grandi Stazioni Rail.

Communication activities, dissemination, promotion

The project is supported by a campaign of communication that uses traditional media, web and social media, addressing both the target of travelers and residents, with the intent to bring together the two shores of a territory cut by the railway and the East ring road, in a quadrant of the city which is currently affected by a redevelopment project.

The communication plan promotes and advertises the project in its complexity: its aims and purposes, the location and its spaces. It involves actively visitors in the digital, artistic and educational initiatives. It highlights and promotes, through a pleasant and captivating promotional-advertising image, the Municipality of Rome and all the stakeholders of the project (sponsors, promoters and partners).
This website has been created for the project among with dedicated social networks:

Although this is a not-for-profit project, an interaction and communication plan will be further developed that will involve commercial brands and organizations that interact in the most diverse ways with the Tiburtina Rail Station.

Link to the video of the first edition on the M.Th.I. Youtube channel

The #InTransito project has been included in the official calendar of EYR2021



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